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J P Agro comprises a team of experienced and talented professionals dedicated to undertaking agro-based turnkey projects. Our diverse portfolio includes dealing in tender coconut, mature coconut, coir products, exotic mushrooms, organic farming, landscape/beautification, agri-machine manufacturing, agro-tourism, and personnel training. Striving for a "Zero-Carbon" policy, we utilize agricultural waste to create high-quality by-products, adhering to the principle of "Waste--Best--Zero Waste."

Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas, playing a vital role in enhancing the living standards of farmers. In collaboration with both large and small corporates, we actively contribute to fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations as per government guidelines. Additionally, we specialize in undertaking Green Wall (Oxygen Wall), Beautification, and Landscaping contracts for prominent entities such as big societies, modern townships, star hotels, hospitals, government organizations, and more.

Committed to excellence, our company strictly follows all guidelines and rules issued by government bodies overseeing projects, including CCRI Alappuzha, DMR Sholan, MJPAC Pune, etc.

J P Agrro Pvt Ltd. Zero Carbon Mission


At J P Agrro, we understand the importance of product quality considering which we follow a strictly managed process for our manufacturing operations. Our approach to quality is based on absolute consistency and quality assurance.


Our mission is to build a diverse family of one crore individuals from various sectors, including agriculture, corporates, manufacturers, and more, within a span of five years.

J P Agrro Pvt Ltd. participating in ISPO Germany for Exhibition
J P Agrro Pvt Ltd. participating in ISPO Germany for Exhibition


"We work and grow together," encapsulates our core value, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that drives our success.


AFI believes in the “KAIZEN” approach; which means constant improvement with a lot of hard effort and teamwork. With this approach we now have several certifications such as

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015


J P Agrro has developed a simple organizational structure that is Faster and Quality Oriented. Every associate and co-worker who handles the processes and procedures for manufacturing the best products for J P Agrro is titled “Process Engineers”. The organizational structure is assembled as:


Mentors at J P Agrro are well-experienced professionals who have immense knowledge of the industry, manufacturing, production, and designing of our products.



Leaders at J P Agrro are the young and experienced engineers who are trained under the Mentors and are responsible for achieving a 100% Production Flow for the products of J P Agrro.



The LIMAs at J P Agrro are the young engineers who learn and get trained by the Leaders. They are responsible for the success of the manufacturing floor on every shift.


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